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Europe has consistently maintained its status as a coveted and habitable continent, renowned for its rich and illustrious heritage in offering exceptional education within some of the globe’s most venerable and respected universities. As per the QS World Rankings, Europe proudly claims the largest representation on the list, featuring a total of 483 institutions. Leading the charge in continental Europe is the United Kingdom (UK), holding the highest number of universities in the top rankings, closely followed by Germany, France, and Denmark. GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka provide oversea study abroad visa for students who want to Study in Europe, Student visa Europe, Europe student visa, MBA in Europe.

Why Study In Europe?

europe study visa consultants

For young people looking to settle abroad, Europe is the best option. It boasts inviting multi cultural environments  and best universities across all fields of study.

Renowned universities

Access to scholarships & free education (some countries)

Opportunities in sciences, arts & business

Multicultural environment

Access to Europe

Benefits Of Studying In Europe

best europe study visa consultant

Study In Europe

Let’s See the benefits of Studying in Europe:- 

Study in Europe: the boost for your career.

A wide range of education options

Europe offers world-class education and research

Tuition fees are low

It’s easy to travel and discover the whole continent

The higher education systems are well-respected and aligned

Paid Internships in the Hotel & Tourism Industry.

No Requirements of Formal English Language Tests*.

No Sponsors Requirements.


For students intending to study in Europe, there are a variety of visa possibilities. The following are the most important:


International students who wish to further their studies in a Schengen nation may apply for this three month temporary student visa. Once this visa expires, it can be renewed, and if a student is admitted to the program for this  visa, they can apply for a resident permit.


International students who enroll in courses or programs that need them to stay for longer than six months are typically granted this long stay visa. With this visa, a residency permit is also included.





International students who enroll in courses or programs that need them to stay for longer than six months are typically granted this long stay visa. With this visa, a residency permit is also included.

Best Universities In Europe For International Students 2023

Study ProgramAverage Tuition Fees in EUR
Bachelor’s Degrees4,500* EUR/year for EU/EEA-students
8,600* EUR/year for students outside EU/EEA
Master’s Degree5,100* EUR/year for EU/EEA-students
10,170* EUR/year for students outside EU/EEA

Note: All tuition fees are tentatively, Kindly confirm the same from the college website.

Best Universities In Europe For International Students 2023

Ranking in Europe

Best Universities in Europe for International Students

Worldwide Rank


University of Oxford



University of Cambridge



University College London



University of Edinburgh



Imperial college London



University of Manchester



Swiss federal Institute of Technology Zurich



King’s College London



Catholic University of Leuven



University of Amsterdam


Fully Funded Scholarships In Europe For International Students 2023-2024

GREAT Fully Funded Scholarships In Europe

The Gates Cambridge Fully Funded Scholarships

Radboud Scholarship Program 2023-2024

Maastricht University Holland-High Potential Scholarship

Cambridge Trust Scholarships- Study at Cambridge

The Emile Boutmy Fully Funded Scholarships In Europe

Requirement For The Europe Study

Documents required for the admission application process

  • Application Form
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of Age
  • Competitive Exam Scores
  • Academic Certificates
  • Statement of Purpose 
  •  Letter of Recommendation
  •  Work Experience Certificates 
  • Resume 
  • Passport size Photographs
  • Additional Documents

We Are The Best Europe Student Visa Consultants

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for everyone, that opens doors to new experiences, knowledge, and career opportunities. Europe, with its history, cultures, and best universities, has become a popular destination for Sri Lankan students who are looking for the best quality education, and GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka will help to get your visa done. The process of applying for a study visa can be difficult or complicated. That’s where GIEC Global the best Europe study visa consultants in Sri Lanka, comes in. We are going to help you make your journey to Europe very easy and hassle-free

Why Choose US?

GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka is the most experienced consultancy in the education field, we have a deep understanding of the European education system and its requirements. We stay updated with the latest policies, procedures, ensuring that we provide the correct and reliable information to our clients. GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka can guide you through every step of the visa application process, from choosing the right country and university to preparing your visa documents.

At GIEC Global Sri Lanka, we believe in providing the best guidance and support to each of our clients. We understand that every student has unique goals and preferences. Our consultants understand your needs and aspirations and provide services accordingly. Whether you need assistance in selecting the right course or advice on scholarship opportunities, we are here to help you at every step.

Our services go beyond just visa assistance. We offer a comprehensive range of services that cover all aspects of studying in Europe. This includes university and course selection, application guidance, accommodation assistance, pre-departure orientation, and ongoing support during your stay in Europe.

As the best Europe study visa consultants in Sri Lanka, we have established strong partnerships with leading universities and educational institutions across Europe. We can help you explore various study programs, understand their curriculum and career prospects, and assist you in making an informed decision about your academic future.


We understand that financing your education abroad can be a major concern for many students. GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka’s team is well-versed in the different scholarships available based on merit, need, and specific criteria. We aim to make your education in Europe affordable and accessible.

Navigating the visa and immigration process can be complex and time-consuming. Our team of visa consultants has expertise in handling all types of study visas for European countries. We will guide you through the application process and help you to collect documents and provide valuable advice to increase your chances of visa approval.

Our services extend beyond just your study period. We understand the importance of planning for your career progression after completing your studies. As the best Europe study visa consultants in Sri Lanka, we offer post-study and career support, including assistance in finding internships, networking opportunities, and job placement services. 

Moving to a new country can be an exciting but challenging experience. We understand the importance of cultural orientation and ensuring that you feel at home in Europe. Our team provides comprehensive cultural orientation sessions, helping you understand the local customs, traditions, and ways of life. We want you to have a seamless and enriching experience as an international student.

At GIEC Global, we uphold the highest standards of transparency and ethical practices. We provide correct and up-to-date information to our clients, ensuring that they have a realistic understanding of study options, costs, and visa requirements. We prioritize your best interests and adhere to strict professional ethics, ensuring that you receive reliable guidance and support.

The satisfaction and success of our clients are the true testimonials of our services. GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka helped hundreds of Sri Lankan students achieve their dreams of studying in Europe. Many of our clients have gone on to excel academically and professionally, becoming valuable contributors to their fields. Their positive feedback and success stories serve as a testament to our commitment and expertise as the best Europe study visa consultants in Sri Lanka.

studying in Europe is an enriching and fulfilling experience. With GIEC Global, the best Europe study visa consultants in Sri Lanka, you can make this dream a reality. Our expertise, personalized guidance, extensive network of universities, and commitment to your success make us the ideal partner in your pursuit of higher education in Europe. Contact us today and let us help you embark on your educational journey.


 – The finest Europeans education consultation company is GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka . We are the best Europe Study Visa Consultants and top Europe Student Visa Consultants in Colombo , Galle, Dehiwala, Maharagama, Jaffna, and Moratuwa , Sri Lanka.

 – Some of the oldest and top universities in the world are located in Europe. So, you may anticipate best  education and research opportunities in Europe. These institutions provide a variety of courses and specialisation choices.

 – Nothing compares to a global degree in your area of interest. The majority of universities in Europe enjoy widespread acclaim. Education is of great and established quality. Leading international universities aid in your development of competitiveness in international marketplaces.

International students can absolutely travel to Europe following their 12th grade. Depending on the university’s requirements, you may be able to enrol in bachelor’s degree programmes overseas after the 12th grade.

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