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Why Sweden Is Best For Study?

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Let’s See the benefits of Study in Sweden:-

  • High Quality, Unconventional Education
  • Highly Innovative Country
  • Free Tuition for Students from EU Countries
  • Internationally Renowned Education System
  • Thriving Student Life
  • No Language Barrier
  • The Swedish Way of Life
  • Beautiful Nature
  • Home to International Business

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What is the Cost of Living in Sweden for International Students?

The average cost of living for an international student in Sweden ranges from SEK 8,000 ($765)* to SEK 13,500 ($1,292)* per month.

If you are looking for the best study in Sweden consultants. Let’s See the Average Living cost:- 

  • Accommodation. Students have the option of living in dorms or renting flats, with costs ranging significantly from 3,000 to 9,000 SEK (about $290 to $865)* each month.
  • Food/groceries. For food and groceries, international students should budget 2,000–3,000 SEK (about $190–$290)* per month.
  • Transportation. Depending on the location and frequency of travel, international students should budget 700–1,000 SEK (about $70-$100)* each month for transport expenditures.
  • Other costs. Budgeting for personal expenses including clothes, entertainment, and other pastime pursuits is advised for international students. Around 1,500-2,500 SEK (around $145-$240)* each month is a realistic estimate.

Scholarships Are Available

Each year, the Swedish Institute awards hundreds of scholarships to international students to assist cover the costs of their stay in Sweden. Currently, the state totally covers everyone’s tuition costs. At 4.9%* of GDP, Sweden spends more on public education than any other country in the OECD. Foreign students might work while they are studying in Sweden because the cost of living is high there. GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka helps you to get Scholarship in Sweden, we are the best Sweden student visa Sri Lanka agency & Sweden study visa consultants.

Sweden Student Visa Requirements

Here are some basic requirements for Sweden study visa:-

  • Passport
  • Application form
  • Identity photos
  • Previous study transcripts
  • Acceptance letter
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Payment of the paid application fee

Why Choose GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka?

Are you aspiring to study in Sweden, one of the world’s educational powerhouses? Look no further because GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka is your ultimate destination for all your Sweden study visa needs. As the leading Sweden education consultants in Sri Lanka, we pride ourselves on being your go to Sweden student visa agents in Sri Lanka.

Our team of seasoned professionals specializes in making your dreams of studying in Sweden a reality. With extensive experience and in depth knowledge of the Swedish education system, we are your dedicated  Sweden education consultants.

At GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka, we understand that embarking on an international education journey is a life-changing decision. That’s why we are not just a Sweden student visa Sri Lanka agency but your trusted partners in every step of the process. We offer personalized guidance, expert advice, and unwavering support to ensure your application is seamless and successful.

When you choose us as your study in Sweden consultants, you gain access to a wealth of resources and insights that will pave the way for your academic success in Sweden. We are not just Sweden study visa consultants, we are your bridge to a world-class education in the heart of Scandinavia.

Join the ranks of our satisfied students who have realized their dreams with GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka. Contact us today and let us be your premier Sweden study visa consultant.


GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka Consultancy is the best when it comes to Sweden student visa consultants in Sri Lanka, providing you with everything you need to know and prepare before submitting your documents to the authorities. We help you prepare for your IELTS, Interview and in gathering documents.

Yes, You can apply to study in Sweden without taking the IELTS exam if you have completed at least one year of English language instruction.

In contrast to many other nations, if you have your residency permission (student visa), you are permitted to work in Sweden while you are a student. That is all you require. If you are from an EU/EEA country, you may even continue to live and work in Sweden after finishing your degree programme.

For students who want to study in Sweden, the application price for residence permits is 1,500 SEK, or 132 EUR, or 140 USD (for adults). Find out more here about the cost of living and studying in Sweden.

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