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Best Europe visa consultants in Sri Lanka is GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka. We are the top Schengen visa consultants in Sri Lanka or best Europe Immigration Consultants in Colombo, Galle, and Kandy, Sri Lanka.

What Documents Do I Need for a Schengen Visa From India?

Application form


Identity photographs



Travel health insurance

Why Choose GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka?

Do you see a new beginning for Europe? You don’t need to search any further than GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka, which will work with you to realize your immigrant goals in Europe. We are here to assist those looking to immigrate to Europe.

We at GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka have extensive expertise and experience in the field of European immigration. Our team of immigration specialists keeps abreast of changes to European immigration laws and practices. Whether you’re thinking about studying, working, or relocating to Europe, we have the knowledge to guide you through the complexity and make sure the transfer goes well. Customized Solutions: We are aware that every person has different immigration needs and goals. We thus take great delight in providing solutions that are specially tailored to meet your needs. In order to develop a specific immigration strategy that will boost your chances of success, our team takes the time to learn about your goals, preferences, and situations. You may be sure that your immigration process will be customized to your particular needs if you work with GIEC Global Sri Lanka.

How GIEC GLOBAL will help you?

Extensive Experience: At GIEC Global Sri Lanka, we focus on immigration from Europe. The complex nuances of European immigration rules and regulations are well-understood by our staff of highly qualified and educated immigration experts. To give you honest and trustworthy advice, we keep up with the most recent regulations.

Solutions That Are Personalised: We Support Personalised Services. Our representatives take the time to comprehend your objectives, taste, and unique situation. In order to maximize your chances of success, we carefully collaborate with you to develop a unique immigration strategy. You can count on a tailored approach from GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka in Galle that is centered on your particular needs.

Comprehensive Services: We offer a wide range of services that address every facet of migrating to Europe. We offer complete solutions whether you need a temporary visa, a permanent residency card, or citizenship. From the initial consultation and document preparation to application submission and follow-up, our agents will walk you through the entire process. You can relax knowing that every stage of your immigration process is handled by GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka.

We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer support and service. Our agents in Galle are readily available to address all your queries and concerns, providing you with prompt and reliable assistance. With GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka, you have a dedicated partner by your side, guiding you through the complexities of Europe immigration. We are committed to offering excellent customer support and service. All of your questions and issues may be quickly and effectively addressed by our experts in Galle, who can also offer you solid support. You have a committed partner at your side in GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka who will help you navigate the difficulties of immigrating to Europe.

Our company’s basis is built on trust and integrity. We uphold the highest moral standards and give priority to privacy. You can rely on us to provide you with accurate and simple information, providing you with the knowledge and authority to choose the best immigration option for you. Whether you intend to go to Europe for leisure, business, or another reason, our experts in Galle offer thorough visa help. We support you throughout the application procedure, ensuring that all necessary documentation is accurate and complies with the regulations of the European country you desire to visit.

Our agents in Galle will help you secure residence permits if you want to establish a long-term presence in Europe. Our guidance will increase your chances of success by helping you navigate the application procedure while taking into account the unique needs of each European nation. In Europe, there are various alternatives for employment and education. Due to their expertise in these applications, our agents have in-depth knowledge of the specific processes, requirements, and paperwork needed to get work and study permits. Please allow us to help you get started on a meaningful career or academic endeavour in Europe.


GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka is the best Europe immigration consultant in Galle, Sri Lanka. They helped hundreds of our clients to get their visa process very smooth, which is why we are the most trusted consultant for Europe

  • No Restrictions
  • HealthCare Benefits
  • International
  • Education
  • Voting Right
  • New Born Citizenship
  • Apply for Citizenship
  • Employment Benefits
  • Social Security Benefit
  • Sponsor Your Family
  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificate
  • academic qualifications
  • medical records such as doctor’s or dental records and vaccination certificates
  • references from previous landlords
  • credit references.

An English language assessment for study, immigration, or employment is called IELTS. It is well acknowledged and respected on a global scale. You may evaluate your English language proficiency for studying in Europe by taking the IELTS Academic exam in your neighbourhood.

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