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Best UK visa consultants in Sri Lanka is GIEC Global Sri Lanka. We are the top UK visa consultants in Sri Lanka and UK migration agents in Sri Lanka.

Your Gateway to UK Immigration Excellence: GIEC Global Sri Lanka

We at GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka are cognizant of the significance of UK immigration and the possibilities it might offer. With our broad spectrum of immigration services, we require you to be your reliable guide as you manage the complicated rules of the UK immigration system and progress towards your goals.

Our team of highly competent and well-educated immigration professionals has a passion for offering customized assistance suited to your specific requirements.

Our team of extremely skilled and educated immigration specialists is dedicated to providing specialized services catered to your unique needs. Keeping up with the most recent rules and criteria is essential as the immigration landscape continues to change. We at GIEC GLOBAL take great satisfaction in our current expertise and careful attention to detail. Our team stays up to date on the constantly evolving UK immigration laws to give you accurate and dependable assistance.


In addition to Tier 4 (Student), Tier 2 (General Skilled Worker), Tier 1 (Entrepreneur), Tier 5 (Temporary Worker), and Family Sponsorship visas, we also offer assistance for other UK visa categories. Knowing that every situation is different, we collaborate closely with you to choose the best visa choice for your needs and goals.


We offer thorough support throughout the whole immigration procedure, from the initial consultation to the submission of the final application. We offer a variety of services, such as document preparation, application assessment, advice on the necessary evidence, and professional interview preparation tips. We are devoted to making certain that your application is well-prepared and satisfies the high requirements established by UK immigration authorities. We offer thorough support at every level of the immigration procedure, from the initial consultation to the final application submission. We offer document preparation, application review, assistance with evidential standards, and professional interview preparation counseling. We are devoted to ensuring that your application is accurately filled out and adheres to the stringent guidelines outlined by UK immigration authorities. Aside from visa applications, we are committed to quality in other facets of our business. We at GIEC GLOBAL provide post-landing assistance to make it easier for you to settle down in the UK. Among other crucial responsibilities, our team can help you find housing, open bank accounts, enroll in educational institutions, and access healthcare services. In order to provide a smooth transfer to your new life, we strive to be your reliable partner throughout your UK immigration process. We make every effort to provide you with a thorough grasp of UK immigration through our broad network of partners, which includes prestigious businesses, institutions of higher learning, and legal professionals. Our contacts allow us to provide insightful information, access to employment possibilities, and qualified legal counsel on immigration-related issues.


At GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka, our passion for helping you succeed in the UK fuels everything we do. We stand out as a premier immigration consulting firm because of our unwavering commitment to quality, commitment to excellence, and individualized approach. Let us work with you to make your goals of residing, learning, working, or reconnecting in the UK a reality. Get in touch with us right away, and we’ll set out on a remarkable adventure to a better future.


For any issues involving UK immigration, turn to GIEC Global Sri Lanka. Due to our considerable expertise and expertise in this area, we are able to provide your organization with thorough data and suggestions on every aspect of UK immigration.


Study in the UK: Renowned universities and educational institutions that provide a wide range of courses and degrees are located in the UK. Our staff can help you comprehend the requirements for student visas, such as the Tier 4 visa category, English language tests, financial documentation, and the application process. We offer personalized guidance to assist you in selecting the program and college that will best serve your academic and professional objectives.


Work in the UK: Those who have a definite job offer from a UK employer are eligible for a Tier 2 (General Skilled Worker) visa. Our immigration specialists can help you with the steps involved in getting a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from your potential employer, ensuring that you have the required education and experience, and filing a successful application. In addition to helping people find relevant employment opportunities and ensuring compliance with immigration laws, we offer insights on the UK job market.


Start a Business in the UK: Those looking to launch or invest in a business in the UK should apply for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa. We may assist you in comprehending the prerequisites for qualifying, such as the minimum investment thresholds, the standards for business plans, and English language skills.


Family Sponsorship: If you have relatives who reside in the UK, we can help you navigate your visa choices for family sponsorship. We offer thorough advice in comprehending the procedures, evidentiary documentation, and financial thresholds whether you are trying to join your spouse, kids, or parents. Our professionals can assist you in creating a compelling application and guarantee a seamless reunification procedure.


Temporary Employment in the UK: The Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) visa category provides chances for people to engage in temporary employment in the UK, such as for cultural, charitable, or official exchange programs. Our staff can offer advice on the various Tier 5 visa streams, including the requirements for eligibility, sponsorship, and application processes. 


Contact GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka today to begin your UK immigration journey with confidence. Our team of enthusiastic professionals is eager to assist you with realizing your aspirations of reuniting, learning, working, or living in the United Kingdom.

Let us assist you in making your goals a reality.



GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka is specialises in offering visas for skilled workers from the UK. Our specialists can help you with the application procedure for the following visa categories in addition to a UK skilled worker visa: Tier 1 visa for UK entrepreneurs. Visas for innovators and startups.

  • The English Language Proficiency Test is required of you. IELTS and TOEFL are mostly included in this.
  • You should be a citizen of a nation that is not a part of the EEA, or European Economic Area.
  • To register in a college or apply for a job in the UK, you need be in possession of the necessary documentation, including work experience certificates and other types.
  • For the first years of your stay in the UK while you are on a student or work visa, you should have the necessary financial resources.
  • Additional documentation demonstrating your eligibility for the necessary visa, such as character and health certifications, are required.
  1. Robust economy and well-established businesses
  2. There is a huge need for competent workers to fuel its modern economy.
  3. Thriving, long-established Indian community
    superb, cost-free treatment provided by the NHS
  4. Has some of the top universities in the world.
  5. Strong passport to ease international travel

The university and subject you want to take will determine your IELTS score for the UK. Most UK colleges require a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 to 6.5, however selective institutions may demand a significantly higher score of 7 or above.

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