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Why New Zealand?

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New Zealand is an incredible country with friendly people, great weather, and an unbeatable lifestyle. Contact Migration Associates for successful immigration and take the free initial evaluation now to start your journey towards a better life. New Zealand, located in the southern Pacific Ocean, is a popular destination for immigrants seeking a beautiful, safe, and culturally rich place to live. This page is designed for aspiring immigrants.

Benefits of New Zealand Immigration Visa

New Zealand skilled migrant has the right to stay in the country permanently some of the features have been listed

  • You are free to live, work and study in New Zealand
  • After 2 years of stay, the applicant can convert their PR into citizenship
  • Get all the major benefits of what the New Zealand citizen holds.
  • Get an access to health care and Education system.
  • You can include your spouse and dependent children at the age 24 and under in the residence applications.
  • You can vote as a New Zealanders after staying 12 months in the country permanently.
  • You can buy or sell properties under SMC visa even which the famous H1B visa doesn’t offer

Various types of visa that New Zealand process

New Zealand offers a range of visas to cater to different immigration purposes. Here are some of the main types of visas that New Zealand processes:

1. Skilled Migrant Visa: For individuals with skills and qualifications that are in demand in New Zealand. Points are awarded based on factors like age, qualifications, work experience, and job offer.

2. Work Visas:
– Essential Skills Work Visa: For individuals with a job offer in New Zealand and the required skills and qualifications.
– Work to Residence Visa: Initially a work visa that can lead to residency if you meet the residence criteria after working in New Zealand for a specific period.
– Specific Purpose or Event Visa: For short-term work related to specific events or projects.

3. Family Visas:
– Partnership Visa: For the partners of New Zealand citizens or residents.
– Parent Retirement Resident Visa: For parents of adult New Zealand citizens or residents who are financially dependent on their children.
– Dependent Child Visa: For dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residents.

New Zealand PR Visa Consultant

4. Student Visa: For individuals who wish to study in New Zealand at a recognized educational institution.

5. Visitor Visa: For individuals who want to visit New Zealand for tourism, business meetings, or family visits.

6. Entrepreneur Work Visa: For individuals who want to establish or run a business in New Zealand.

7. Investor Visas:
– Investor Visa: For individuals with a significant amount of investment funds.
– Investor Plus Visa: For high-net-worth individuals who are willing to make a significant investment in New Zealand.

8. Resident Visas:
– Residence from Work Visa: For individuals who have held a Work to Residence Visa and meet the residence criteria.
– Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa: For skilled workers who have been invited to apply for residency based on their skills and qualifications.
– Parent Resident Visa: For parents of adult New Zealand citizens or residents.

9. Refugee and Protection Visas: For individuals seeking refuge or protection in New Zealand due to fear of persecution in their home country.

10. Temporary Retirement Visitor Visa: For individuals aged 66 and over who want to spend their retirement years in New Zealand.


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One of the largest immigrant populations is in New Zealand, and for good reason. It is one of the safest nations in the world and is bursting with unreal natural beauty and great quality of life.

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Academic qualifications
  • Medical records such as doctor’s or dental records and vaccination certificates
  • References from previous landlords
  • Credit references.

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