Subclass 400

Temporary work visa Subclass 400

Subclass 400 - Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa

The subclass 400 visa lets you stay in Australia temporarily and do highly skilled work in Australia. This highly specialised work stream is suitable for those who have knowledge, experience, and specialised skills which is not easily available in Australia. 

Subclass 400 can be granted for up to 6 months, but the duration of the grant totally depends on the situation, Please note this visa cannot be applied if you are in Australia nor you can extend this visa if you wish to stay longer. More than 80% of the visa application is processed within 29 days as per the immigration website of Australia. 

Requirement of the subclass 400 Visa

The important thing to note about subclass 400 is that the applicant must be highly experienced and skilled. If you have such skills that can assist Australian Business, not easily available in the Australian labour market, and also is the work that can be completed within 6 months. 

Any Australian employer or business looking to hire a foreign worker for the subclass 400 must prove that they were not able to find any Australian citizen or permanent resident for a specific job role and that is why the need to hire a foreign worker is there.

You will also have to show proof of your skills, experience, and knowledge which can be done by providing your resume, qualifications, or license related to that skill or work, and a letter from your employer mentioning the roles and responsibilities.

The main applicant of subclass 400, must have adequate means to support the family along with this the whole family should meet health and character requirements and should not do the activities that are not allowed on the visa.

Along with the above conditions that need to be met by the applicant of subclass 400, he/she should not owe any money to the Australian Government and there should not be any previous visa refusal or cancellation. 

The cost of the subclass 400 - Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa

Australia Subclass 400

The cost of the subclass 400 is AUD 405 and this fee is for the main applicant. If you are someone who is going to travel to Australia as a foreign government representative or if you are on the list of legislative instruments then you don’t need to pay this fee. 

Each additional family will have to pay the fees of the application separately and the fees for health checks, biometrics, and police certificates. 

Steps to apply for Subclass 400

The Subclass 400 can only be applied outside of Australia. Before you apply for this visa then organize the necessary documents like identity documents, proof of employer support, finances, health insurance, and others. 

Once the documents are prepared then comes the time to apply for the visa. At the time of submitting the visa, you must be outside Australia. Once you submit the application then wait for the outcome. 

The decision on the visa will be given via email, either it will be rejected or approved. If the visa is granted then immigration will inform you of the visa grant number along with the start and end date of the visa, and the conditions of your visa. In case the visa is rejected, the immigration will provide the reason for rejection. Please note the application fee is non-refundable. 

Things allowed to do with the subclass 400

Can work in a highly skilled job temporarily.

Bring family members who got the visa with you.

Obligations on the Subclass 400

The main applicant and the family of the main applicant must obey all the conditions and follow Australian laws. If any condition on the visa is breached then the immigration can cancel the visa and you may get a ban as well which will affect your immigration history and you might not be able to apply for any visa in Australia again.

Conditions on the subclass 400 :- There are many conditions that Australian Immigration can put on your visa if it is granted and a few of those might possibly be on subclass 400

  • 8503:- No further stay

       – If this condition is on your visa then you cannot apply for any other visa while being in Australia.

  • 8101 – No Work

      -This condition doesn’t let you work anywhere in Australia. If you are holding a subclass 400 and this condition is on your visa then you are not allowed to work for any employer apart from the one who has given you the temporary job offer for this highly skilled visa.

  • 8303 – Not be disruptive 

       -This condition means you should not be engaged in violent or disruptive activities.

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