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Why Choose USA for Visit ?

Experience the beauty and the culture of the United States with the unrivalled expertise of GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka, we are the best USA tourist visa consultant. As the best consultancy in Sri Lanka, we are dedicated to making your American dream a reality by providing exceptional services and guidance throughout the visa application process. The USA is the best place to visit and world famous tourist destinations, including the Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, and many more. With a tourist visa, you can explore these iconic landmarks, experience the rich cultural, and indulge in the diverse cuisine and entertainment options the country has to offer.

If you have friends or family residing in the United States, a tourist visa enables you to visit and spend quality time with your loved ones. You can strengthen relationships, create lifelong memories, and engage in cultural exchanges with your relatives or friends.

Why choose GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka as your USA tourist visa consultant?

  1. Extensive Knowledge and Experience: With years of experience in handling USA tourist visa applications, our team is highly skilled and experienced consultants who knows the in-depth knowledge of visa requirements and procedures. We stay updated with the ever changing visa policies, ensuring that your application adheres to the latest regulations, increasing your chances of a successful outcome.
  1. Personalized Assistance: We understand that each traveller has unique circumstances and requirements. Our consultants take the time to understand your needs and gives our services accordingly. We provide personalized guidance, ensuring that your application showcases your eligibility and purpose of travel to the USA.
  1. Streamlined Application Process: Navigating the USA tourist visa application process can be overwhelming. However, with GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka  by your side, you can enjoy a streamlined and hassle-free experience. Our consultants guide you through the entire process, assisting with form completion, document verification, and any additional requirements specific to your case.
  1. Comprehensive Documentation Support: As your trusted USA tourist visa consultant, we provide comprehensive support in preparing the required documentation. Our experts review your documents meticulously, ensuring they meet the stringent standards set by the US authorities. We guide you in presenting your application in the best possible light to enhance your chances of visa approval.
  1. Interview Preparation: The visa interview is a crucial step in the application process. At GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka, we provide dedicated support and guidance to help you prepare for the interview. Our consultants offer valuable insights, conduct mock interviews, and equip you with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed.
  1. Exceptional Customer Service: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We always ensure that we can provide outstanding customer service and you get the best stress free and seamless experience. Our friendly and professional consultants are always available to address your queries, offer guidance, and provide regular updates on your application status.

GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka provides you the best journey to the United States with the best USA tourist visa consultant, GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka. Let our expertise, dedication, and personalized services pave the way for a smooth visa application process. Contact us today, and let us assist you in turning your American travel dreams into reality


GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka is the best USA visitor visa consultant in Galle. We have years of experience in Visitor Visa. We helped lots of people to get their USA visitor visa.

  • Your passport.
  • Proof of funds.
  • Letters supporting your reason of visiting the US.
  • Adequate insurance coverage.
  • Details of who you are staying with and where.
  • Air tickets.
  • Evidence that you will return to your home country.
  • Financial documents.
 Once the application is submitted the process takes 2-3 weeks. GIEC GLOBAL Sri Lanka will help you at every step and give you hassle-free service  .

Strolling around the city might feel like walking through a movie set, with popular tourist attractions at every turn, from Rockefeller Plaza to Empire State Building, the Times Square, Chrysler Building, Central Park, Broadway, 5th Avenue, and the Statue of Liberty.

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