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Partner visa (Permanent)- subclass 801

What is Partner Visa (Permanent)- Subclass 801 Visa?

The subclass 801 visa allows the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia permanently. It is a pathway for the people already holding the subclass 820 visa (temporary partner visa). It strictly means that the people who are holding subclass visa 820 are eligible to apply for subclass visa 801. 

What can we do once this visa is granted?

Temporary Skill Shortage visa- Subclass 482​

So, as we know that it is a permanent visa, it lets a person: –

  1. Stay in Australia permanently and as a permanent resident. 
  2. Study in Australia. 
  3. Work in Australia. 
  4. Access to Australia’s healthcare facility which is its public healthcare scheme. 
  5. Sponsor family members or friends to visit Australia as a sponsor.
  6. Can apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible. 
  7. Attend free English classes provided by the Adult Migrant English Program, if eligible. 


Temporary Skill Shortage visa- Subclass 482​


The person applying for subclass 801 should have an:

  1. A temporary partner visa (subclass 820)
  2.  A dependent child visa (subclass 445).
  3. Two years must have passed since the application of the combined 820 and 801 visas for the assessment of the permanent visa.
  4. If the applicant was in a long-term relationship or the sponsor who is sponsoring held a specific visa before the application, the person can be granted the visa within less than 2 years. 
  5. All the relationship requirements are met for the visa.
  6. The applicant must be in a long-term relationship or spouse or in a de facto relationship with the same person who is your sponsor for the temporary partner visa.
  7. Be married.
  8. Be in a de facto relationship.
  9. Have a genuine and continuing relationship.
  10. Living together or not living separate or apart for a very long time.
  11. The partners should be mutually committed to a shared life, should not have any other relationship or partner.
  12. The applicant can still be applicable for the permanent visa if the relationship breaks, or the partner dies before the grant of the Visa. For the different cases and visa applicability check the immigration website. 
  13. The applicant must not have any outstanding debts to the Australian government or have arranged a way to pay back all the debts before going to Australia.
  14. If the applicant or his/her spouse or their family members (who are not applying for the visa), owe or have any sort of debts to the Australian government, they must have paid them back or have any approved arrangement to pay it back before the application for this visa.  
  15. This visa will not be granted, if it is not in the best interests of an applicant under the age of 18 years. 

Documents Required For A Temporary Visa.

  1. Age proof.
  2. Nomination showing document. 
  3. Visa history.
  4. Sponsorship showing document. 
  5. If you are holding a substantive visa, then the proof of that.
  6. Health insurance proof.
  7. English proficiency proof.
  8. Character proof.
  9. Debt clearance proof. 

Family Members 

The applicant can include the dependent child in the application when the applicant applies for the temporary partner Visa (subclass 820). 

After the Permanent Partner Visa (subclass 801) grant, the applicant cannot add family members to the Visa application. 

Dependant child visa (subclass 445) holders can add their dependent child to the application before the grant of a permanent visa. But the child must hold a dependant child visa for that. 

If the applicant has a newborn baby, after the application of the said visa, the immigration should be informed of the decision. 

Health Insurance

After granting this permanent partner visa, the applicant is granted the public health care facilities provided by the Australian government. 


The applicant must have paid the amount for this visa when he/she applied for the combined temporary and permanent partner visas. 

The costs for the health and police checks would be different every time, it would not be included in the visa processing cost. 

Cost of the Visa for temporary Visa and Permanent Partner Visa 

 (Subclass 801) are as follows: –

  1.  Main applicant- AUD 8,085 

  2. For the Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300 holders)- AUD 1,350. 


  3. If the applicant had previously applied for a prospective marriage 

  4. Visa but still haven’t applied for the subclass visa 820 and 801 before 

  5.  the expiry of the visa:- AUD 1,710. 

  6. A separate fee for each family member applies to the main applicant.

  7.  The Visa will not proceed further if the Visa fee is not deposited.                           

  8. Extra charges such as health checks, biometrics, and police checks can


The applicant can travel to and fro from Australia as many times as he/she wants for 5 years from the date of the grant of this visa. This depends on the travel facility available on the visa. 

If the said person wants to travel after the 5-year travel facility, you will need to apply and grant an RRV (resident return) so that the person can re-enter Australia as a permanent resident. 

Processing Time

The following time is generally taken to process an application: – 

  1. 25% of the application- 6 months
  2. 50% of the application- 9 months
  3. 75% of the application- 18 months
  4. 90% of the application- 37 months 

The time for the processing of the permanent partner Visa mostly starts from the date of eligibility. This would be 2 years after the application of the Combined temporary and permanent partner visa. The applications differ by case by case, if the case is simpler then it could take less time to process but if the case is complex then the time can be much longer. And some of the cases for complexity are the application is not filled in correctly, the documents are not correct or false or the required ones are not submitted yet, and verification is taking time longer than expected.

Other important points

If the applicant has been given the permanent partner visa (subclass 801) immediately after the grant of temporary partner visa (subclass 820), the applicant does not want to do anything else. If not provided, then he/she will provide further documents. 

  • Processing of the Visa starts after the 2 years of the application of the combined temporary and permanent partner visa. The documents can be sent one month before the 2 years date. 
  • The location of the applicant doesn’t matter when the application is being done. (Outside or inside Australia). 
  • When the Visa is granted, the immigration would provide the visa grant number, date of the visa starting, visa conditions.
  • When the Visa is refused, the immigration would tell the reason to why the visa is refused, whether the applicant have the right to review the decision. The fee paid at the time of application will not be refunded if the application gets rejected. 
  • The applicant can stay as longer as he/she wants because they become a permanent resident on the day of the grant of the Visa. 
  • The permanent residency starts on the date of the grant of the visa if the person is in Australia and the day when the person entered Australia on the permanent visa if he/she is outside Australia. 

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