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Finland student visa consultants in Sri Lanka,

Are you looking to study in Finland? Then  Finland student visa consultant in Sri Lanka are here to guide you. Finland as a study-abroad destination is very popular amongst international students who are looking to study in a foreign country with a more developed infrastructure and affordability. Study in Finland as compared to other countries like the USA, Australia, and Canada is much more in demand due to its affordability and other major factors like resources, culture, safety, and many more. Below are the reasons why people are choosing Finland as a study-abroad destination.

Why study in Finland?

Apart from being one of the best tourist destinations in the world, Finland has to offer to international students who are looking to study at the world’s best universities like the University of Helsinki, University of Turku, University of Oulu, and many more. Finland has much more to offer to international students:

finland student visa consultant in sri lanka
  1. Best learning experience – Students in Finland Universities get to experience one of the best and world-class education. Finland’s education system always keeps updated as per the current workforce requirements, so if you are looking to study in Finland then you dont have to worry about academic knowledge or work experience.
  2. Best teachers/ professors – Teachers and professors in Finland are well-educated and knowledgeable. Around 10-15% of graduates in Finland become professors or teachers and most of them hold at least a master’s degree.


  3. Amongst the  Greenest Country in the world – Finland is one of the greenest and the cleanest country in the world. With dense forests, clear water, and beautiful mountains, Finland has a lot to see when you visit there. Finland ranks amongst the top countries where the air quality index is good and the environment is clean ultimately giving a relaxing environment to focus well on studies.

  4. Affordable Universities – Study in Finland will be much more affordable as compared to study abroad in other countries. If you compare the cost of tuition in Finland with countries like USA, Australia, UK and others then you will find Finland is much more affordable. If you save on your tuition fee then you will be able to spend more on yourself and in exploring Finland. 

  5. Living Expenses – Living expenses in Finland are also low as compared to countries like Australia, The UK, and The USA. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Finland can cost you around 800- 1000 Euro whereas the same will cost you in the UK and Australia around 1200-1500 EURO. 

  6. Low-Crime rate – As an international student, you will have to leave your comfort zone and your loved ones who protect you. When moving to a country to pursue your goal of higher education, you need a place where you feel safe and protected Finland is a country with low crime rates, as per one report in 2021, Finland had a Number of crimes per 1,000 inhabitants in 2021 at 86.98. You will be safe and protected as Finland police are always active. 

  7. Part-time Job – Finland also allows international students with part-time work rights. As an international student you are allowed to work 30 hours per week during your semester and during your semester break you can work for as many hours as you want as there is no restriction. The salary per hour is not fixed in Finland, you can negotiate the salary with your employer.

Top Universities in Finland

Finland Student Visa Consultants In Sri Lanka

Let’s See the best Universities in Italy for International Students:- 

  1. University of Helsinki

  2. Aalto University

  3. Jyväskylä University

  4. Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT

  5. University of Vaasa

  6. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

  7. Helsinki School of Business

  8. Turku School of Economics

  9. Aalto University School of Arts, Architecture and Design

Documents required for studying In Finland:

finland student visa consultant in sri lanka

The basic documents that are needed for admission to Finland are the following:

All educational documents

Passport copy

Language requirements

Statement of Purpose

Financial proof – sufficient means to pay your tuition fees and manage your living expenses

Documents requirements also depend on the university to university and also on immigration, the department which will issue you the student visa. In case extra documentation is required then the student has to provide that to complete the whole process of admission and then proceed with applying for Finland student visa. 


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No, For a student visa to Finland, IELTS is not necessary. IELTS is not required for admission to Finnish universities.

International students are eligible to work in Finland once they have completed their studies. You can apply for permanent residency in Finland once you have secured a full-time position and made the decision to stay in the location permanently.

Finnish Minimum Wages for Part-Time Work

Finland has no set minimum wage, however the lowest pay rates often range from 7 to 8 euros per hour. Depending on their sector of employment and the type of their labor, students typically make between nine and thirteen euros per hour.

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